Resources for Sustainability

A community can become more sustainable by engaging in environmental stewardship and conserving natural resources for future generations.

  • Enterprise Green Communities has a huge variety of tools for engaging community stakeholders in the conversation about sustainability.
    • The Bank of America Best Practice Series is one cool place to start catching up with what industry leaders suggest
    • Constructing a green building is one thing, but getting the occupants to maintain and engage with the sustainability features is quiet another. Learn about effective ways to engage residents, including the Resident Engagement Toolkit in a Box.
    • This landing page for Enterprise Tools has a host of other topics covered, from construction specs to operations and maintenance guides
  • Passive House is one of the hottest trends in sustainability right now. These ultra-low energy homes prioritize comfort, sound building science, and resiliency as well as energy savings. The rough idea is to have a home so well-insulated that you could heat it with a hairdryer!
  • Martin Holladay’s blog, Musings of an Energy Nerd, addresses topics that architects and builders are always asking us about. He keeps up on all the latest research and he is able to provide various sides of current industry thinking in a concise and amusing manner.
  • Sustainability Certification market penetration, by state:
  • We are often asked ‘How can I pay for sustainability upgrades?’ Dsireusa.org is the most comprehensive resource we know for up-to-date listings of energy efficiency and sustainability incentives and rebates. You can filter by state to see what is available in your area for residential or commercial projects.